R6RG Customizable Karting Shoes

  • $135.00

Stand out from the pack with fully custom karting shoes!

Don't settle for boring designs or the same basic colors as everyone else. With the Red Six RaceGear Karting Shoes you can be as unique as you'd like!

These shoes are high top and lightweight for maximum pedal feel. They’re like nothing you’ve worn before!

Select "Custom" color for us to custom match your color selection to anything that you'd like!

-Carbon fiber toe and ankle support
-Completely customizable colors
-Your choice of any logo or your name on the lace strap

All R6RG brand products have a 12 month exchange policy. It does not cover against normal wear and tear, but it does cover against any workmanship flaws and you can even exchange your R6RG product once in the first 12 months if you significantly damage your product as a result of a racing incident.

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