While this isn't the direction we hoped to go, we're grateful for the journey that brought us here. To see drivers excited to wear our custom suits and many standing atop the podium in celebration has been a dream come true. Not to mention, to have our logo on the side of a NASCAR Cup Series car was absolutely mind blowing. I wouldn't trade the last 2 and a half years for anything. Red Six has been a labor of love since the get-go, but through the past 12 months it has unfortunately become more labor than love. Drivers have a lot of options for custom suits these days, and the reality is that being a small shop we can only ever deliver on so much. So, we'll be stepping aside for the foreseeable future. Red Six isn't gone, but it is on hold. If you are interested in a custom karting or auto racing, please contact me at PBritain at gmail.com. Thank you to all of our amazing customers! We'll see you soon. Patrick Britain President - Red Six RaceGear