Red Six V2 Custom Karting Suit

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Our V1 suit was a huge hit and we've taken everything we have learned and applied it to the brand new V2 suit! Still completely custom with any design you want and sizing that is specific to YOU, but now with a more comfortable fit, more strategic stretch panels and laser accurate sizing. Plus even more of the crisp lines and bright colors that you've come to expect from Red Six.

V2 Design:
-Less panels, less stitching and slick, streamline fit
-Full floating arms
-Large lower back stretch panel
-Mesh inner liner 
-Completely custom sizing
-Sublimated graphic design; no stitching to snag, no screen printing to wear off. Sublimation is the most durable, the cleanest looking and most vibrant graphic style in the industry. There is NO LIMIT to what we can do with sublimated custom graphics!
-Optional CIK/FIA Level 2 Certification

We will contact you after purchase to get your sizing information and to work with you to create a custom suit design!


Once we have begun creation of your custom design, your order is subject to a non refundable $100 design fee (included in the price). That means that if you cancel for any reason, we will give you a refund minus $100. Once the design has been finalized, your order cannot be refunded for any reason.


Racing is dangerous! No suit can protect you against all incidents, even suits that are CIK/FIA certified. You can be hurt or killed even when wearing all of the proper protective gear. This suit does not guarantee your safety in a crash.

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PODIUM & ON TRACK PHOTOS CREDIT: Sean Burr / CalSpeed Karting